Sexy Christmas Ideas


Christmas is a season for giving and receiving. You and your partner can make this Christmas special for you both. Take time to love and make love. Here are some ideas for that special night with your partner.

Loosen Up! 

Spike that eggnog and loosen up a little. You can add your favorite Rum, Vodka or whatever you  prefer. This will relax you both and have great sex.



Sexy Claus outfit

If wearing a Sexy Claus outfit doesn’t strike your fancy, another fun option is to wear Red Lingerie. Get some Mrs. Claus bedroom action and reward your hard working Santa.


Let’s get Cozy 

No fireplace? No problem! You can warm up  the living room by gathering some candles, throw pillows on the floor and warm blankets. Have sex in front of the Christmas tree….. oh my my my!


Naughty stockings 

You may be on the naughty list, but this doesn’t mean your stocking will be full of coal.Give each other naughty stocking stuffers like edible panties and foreplay dice. Don’t know where to buy really fun toys for you and your lover? Visit for starters. They have plenty of smaller items that will fit perfectly in your stockings. Just make sure not to open them in front of family members.

Sex Coupons

Create and gift each other some erotic coupons. It is a fun way of steaming up your love life a bit and making those erotic fantasies come true!


Lingerie Care

With the proper care, your lingerie, hosiery and shape wears will stay looking fresh and fitting properly for a long time.


Hand wash and machine wash are two options. We prefer hand washing over machine wash but if you just don’t have the time to hand wash it, this is what we suggest:

  • Use alcohol free detergent if possible
  • Hook the bra together to keep it from tangling
  • Wash on a delicate cycle in cool water
  • Do not put bra in the dryer
  • Roll your bra in a towel to get rid of excess water
  • Lay it out to dry

Beware if the bra is ornate or delicate, it is best to hand wash it.

images (1)

Avoid throwing your bras and panties into one drawer and separate your molded cup bras from your bra collection. Molded cups will pucker and bend if inverted or folded, subsequently shortening your bra’s life. Instead, buy a drawer with dividers to keep them organized and safe from damage.



Preferred method is hand wash. For the machine washables, wash on the delicate cycle. Use cold water and line dry.


Hand wash or machine wash in cool to warm water (not hot). When necessary you may use non chlorine bleach. Line or air dry.



Soak hosiery in a sink filled with cool water. Add detergent (for delicate) and swish around. Let them soak for a few minutes then rinse. Wring out moisture and hang or air dry.



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Her Sex Toys, What you can learn …

So, she is using sex toys? Does it make you feel bad or threatened? Do you think she might replace you for her sex toys?

Many women have sex toys so chances are that she got one hiding somewhere. This doesn’t mean that she likes her sext toy more then you or that she is not getting enough sex from you.

The good news is that you can take this opportunity to actually learn a thing or two about your partner based on the type of sex toy she have. Not all toys are the same, so that means that the ones she has is special.


The first and most wanted sex toy is “The Vibrator”.

If she is using an electric vibrator like Wand Essentials Wand Massager, then she is into power. Women are into vibrators that have multispeed, they can start slow, speed up and vary the pressure.

So the trick here is to diversify your intensity. Start slow before you go faster. Alternate the intensity between hard and fast pumps then slow and gentle.

Another favorite toy among women is “The Bullet”

The bullet targets her clitoris, so if she has one of this little devils then you know that her clitoris is important and needs special attention. The clitoris is very sensitive and when aroused will for sure get an exploding orgasm.

With this being said, start by warming up the clitoris before penetration and then move her in positions that hit her clitoris.

If what she prefers is a “Dildo”….

A Dildo is just like your penis, the only difference is that she has control. If she is into dildos, this means she is really into penetration.

If her dildo is huge, do not get alarmed this just means she likes it deep. You can do deep penetration for her but let her take control so she can do it how she likes it.

Now, if she has a “Rabbit Vibrator”….

She is into clitoris and Gspot stimulation. This toy is considered the best. In this case you will need to pay more attention of her needs by images (23)giving her pleasure all over her body.

While giving her oral sex you can stimulate her clitoris while you use your finger to stimulate her Gspot. When having intercourse always reach out to her clitoris to provide her a more intense pleasure.

Sex toys help us learn more about our bodies and needs. If she is using sex toys by herself this most likely means that she would love to use them while having sex with you as it provides a sense on trust, pleasure and fun between you both. So let loose and be open to try new things!


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How to have Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms happens when a woman has more than one orgasm during a sexual experience with her partner or while masturbating. They don’t always occur immediately in a row, but with continued stimulation and arousal, a woman has the power to continue enjoying orgasms without

It’s true that too much of a good thing can be bad for us, but when it comes to orgasms, we believe that the sky is the limit.

Although some women rarely or never experience orgasm, most women are capable of experiencing orgasm – even multiple orgasm. Most women spend their entire lives hoping for one meager orgasm each time they have sex.  Then there are those of us who are truly blessed in our partners and our relationships, and who move into an entirely new territory where multiple orgasms are the rule.

But how many in real life women are actually having multi-orgasmic bonanzas in the bedroom? And how can other women learn to do the same?

I think that the most important key to achieve multiple orgasms is to NOT stop your sexual activity after you reach and orgasm. If we set our mind to think sex is over once you orgasm then it will be over, but instead, continue and keep your arousal high.

Setting your mind to know that sex is not over when you cum, will help you stay arouse and achieve more orgasms.

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Boring Sex

We love sex! It is steamy hot and fun and helps us release tension and stress from our day. But even for the most active people there is a time were sex becomes boring and we just don’t crave it as much.boring-sex

A lot of times this happens because we fall into a routine, also because of stress.

How to come out of the boring routine? Sometimes we just get lazy and won’t do anything about it but this can make damage in our relationships. Once that we are aware of the problem, then is easier to fix it. Try new things, converse with your partner. Do whatever needs to be done to make it fun and exciting again. Buy new Lingerie or sexy clothes. It is important to feel sexy. Feeling sexy will make us happy and more willing to fix the situation. Don’t matter if you are a Male or Female, to feel sexy is a good and rewarding feeling.

Another good idea is to spruce up your bedroom. Take out all clutter and work related stuff and replace it with a scented candle along with a new set of sheets. This should get things started.

I believe that good sex keep us young at heart and physically. The rewards are endless and so worth it.

So if you too have fallen into the boring sex category go ahead and be the one to change that for the good, your partner will appreciate that and for sure you will score some serious points.CbEdQnxW4AAtiYO

It’s entirely possible to put the good lovin’ back into your partnership.  There’s more to a solid relationship than just good sex. There’s love, bonding, communication, laughter, bad times and good times. But good sex isn’t something that we should have to throw out of the window. And it’s certainly not something I want to feel guilty about for wanting.

Have a good sex kid of day everybody!

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When my Boyfriend Watches Porn…..

So I was watching videos on YouTube and I came across a video of an interesting young lady name Sarah Rae Vargas. The topic was “I Hate When My Boyfriend Watches Porn”. She talked about how most guys like to watch porn and how some partners feel uncomfortable with this. She went on to advice not to Ban Porno from their life or relationship and I have to say I agree with her 100%. There is nothing wrong with watching porno, if anything you should join too and you will see how that can open the communication to some interesting topics between you and your partner. I think it is great! It gives me ideas of new things to try and is fun too.84161890

A lot of times I don’t watch it but that doesn’t mean that I won’t let him either. I let him be himself and he lets me be me and that I think is a great quality we have and has help us be together for 26 years now.

My advice to the people that don’t feel comfortable with their partner watching porno is, evaluate yourself and find out why? And try and come to terms but if you still not ok then you should talk to your partner. It is so important for both to feel free and comfortable with each other. It feels so wrong to be limited to do the things you love. It’s great to be open minded and enable your partner to be themselves.

While I was watching the YouTube video, my husband passed by me and immediately got his attention. He watched it for a little bit to see what it was about and he then sight in relieve to know that that video wasn’t an anti porn type of video and I said to him “Baby, you know I don’t mind”. I know that that makes him happy to know that im ok with him watching porn and that I won’t judge him for that.

Everyone is different and entitle to their own opinions. Mines is…. Let the guy watch his Porn! LOL!!

Have a good sex kind of day everyone! Until next time.


How to Use and Care for a Masturbator

The ever popular Fleshlight is one of a kind discreet masturbation sleeve, design to look like a flashlight, once you remove the cap it proves to be much much more. Fleshlight has a hard casing with a soft insert made of superskin . Because of the material, you should only use water base lube .56401

Inserts come in a variety of inner textures. The stamina training units have an extra tight studded canal to increase intensity. They are designed to practice self-control to increase stamina and prolong love making.  The base of the Fleshlight can twist to adjust suction, tighter you get more of a vacuum and looser, there is less resistance. If desired, you may unscrew the cap all the way and insert a small vibrator. Many folks hold their Fleshlights with their hands but you may also place it between pillows , couch cushions, in a customized mount or anywhere else you can think of .57269

To add a bit more life to the sleeve, you can remove it and let it soak in warm water before use. To clean your Fleshlight, remove the sleeve and run water thru the canal. Do not use soap as the oils may break down the material. For a deeper clean, rinse with a blend of water and isopropyl alcohol, let it air dry and to get rid of excess moisture, dust with cornstarch.

Buying Your First Dildo

Here are a few factors to consider before you buy a Dildo;

  • The first rule of shopping for a sex toy is to loosen up and enjoy the ride.images (19)


Material: Avoid materials that contain phthalates or other toxic chemicals. Stay away from jelly and rubber and choose plastic, silicone and elastomer. Also, plastic vibes like eggs and pocket rockets translate vibration better than softer materials.



Girth:  You may want something that makes you feel full and stretched or you may want something completely average. Many dildos run around the 1.5 inch mark because that is the width of the average male erect penis.images (17)


Shape:  If you’re looking for G-spot stimulation, try a phallic-shaped toy with a specially curved top these are design to hit the G-spot.


Length: See how big it is. This one should be self-explanatory — but keep one thing in mind. Because sex toys are made of materials that are firmer than body parts, a sex toy is likely to feel bigger than it looks. A silicone dildo feels way bigger than a flesh cock of comparable size (and, correspondingly, a stainless steel dildo of a similar size feels even bigger than both of those).

Vibrations: A good way to test whether a toy has the power you need to get you there, or if the type of vibration (buzzy or rumbly, for instance) it makes is right for you, is by holding the tip of the toy against the tip of your nose. Seriously. If it tickles enough to make you feel a sneeze coming on, that means it will tickle you elsewhere, where it counts.

Lube: I recommend a water based Lubricant especially if your toy is made of silicone. Silicone base lube will ruin your toy if your toy is made of silicone. You can use any lube for other materials like acrylic, glass or stainless steel. It’s always a good idea to refer to the Manufacturer instructions to make sure we take good care of our new toy.

If you’re purchasing a sex toy online without the ability to handle it and feel the vibrations, you will need to do a lot of research. Keep in mind that every manufacturer will make every sex toy sound like it is the best thing since sliced bread and will definitely be the one to please you. Research sex toy sites that showcase reviews from real customers, or better yet, research sex toy review bloggers. When you find a review by a blogger of a sex toy you are considering, you can often times contact the blogger directly to ask a few more questions if you’re unsure.